My just-published article refrred to in the subject line expands and rewrites the history of American orchestral recording.  

Part one was retitled by the magazine, "Classic Record Collector" as "Strohs in the Wind."  Even if you get the English magazine and glance at the table of contents, you'd be hard pressed (cut?) to know this was the topic.  

This research brings the timeline back to the 1880s.  It changes the dates and sequence of orchestras which made non-commercial and commercial recordings and will untangle, in part 2, to appear this summer (?) a number of misascriptions made for reasons not quite clear.  The von Beulow" cylinder mystery is solved and some press reports whose subject is early recordings are degarbled.

You can't download it, so you'll have to read all about it in the magazine.  

I'm hoping part two will be accompanied by examples posted on the magazine's web site.  It's in England, where such early recordings are pd, unlike in another country I could mention.

Steve Smolian