I have contacted the company, and they are quite vague as to specs, so 
no telling how great the audio quality is - I would happily use it for 
duplication master, as long as there is a hard drive backup. There is 
no other CD recorder that will automatically go to the next disc, 
without using two and doing it manually.

I would imagine it is a competent recorder, but I would only consider 
it appropriate for onsite duplication masters or listening copies when 
there is a definite quality backup. It only take one bump while 
recording to spoil a live CD, and if you want track IDs you have to do 
it on the fly and live with your (operator's) mistakes.

Given the above, I'd consider it quite useful but not master quality. 
Better than cassettes though!

This is from one who regularly records conferences and seminars, not an 
archivist really, but very familiar with live recording. Recent 
experience has been with Compact Flash recorders, where you can pop out 
the chip and put it in a computer to mark tracks, make safety copies, 
and burn CDs from there. Extra stpe, fo r sure, but more flexibility 
plus as soon as it goes in the computer you can make safeties that 
won't get spoiled in the duplication process (possible if not very 

But sorry, no direct experience!


Lou Judson  Intuitive Audio

On Mar 29, 2006, at 2:26 PM, Greg Yates wrote:

> Does anyone have any experience using the Microboards CopyWriter Live
> conference recorder? If so, I would like to hear of your experiences,
> both pro and con. One thing that concerns me some about the Copywriter
> Live is that it does not have an internal hard drive, but records
> directly onto the CD in CD-DA format.
> As a little background, we are responsible for recording the
> proceedings of the Tennessee General Assembly, and we are currently
> using Lanier Advocate V dual-deck audiocassette conference recorders. 
> As
> we record, we also create a log sheet, or index, using a laptop and
> Word, to serve as a guide to the information that is on the tape for
> future research purposes.
> Thanks for any input.
> Greg Yates