All extremely valid points, and yes that is the article - even it may  
not be very accurate, scintifically speaking!


Lou Judson  Intuitive Audio

On Mar 29, 2006, at 2:48 PM, Tom Fine wrote:

> See also Britannica's point by point response to the Nature article  
> that suggested Whacky-Packia is as useful/truthful as Britannica  
> (
> Search engines are just as bad as Whacky-Packia in perpetuating the  
> Internet as echo chamber for rumors, half-truths and out-of-contexts.  
> Most search engines return results based on being paid to favor some  
> pages over others (do some digging and you'll find that just about all  
> of them have this practice -- a "favored return" or something like  
> that). And since kids are not being taught to discriminate about  
> sources and context, to them all results are equally valid. Plus, if  
> one is searching for very specific information, even after years of  
> tuning search engines, you better know some very specific keywords or  
> you will spend hours wading through garbage.
> Now, I'm no Luddite (I prefer "traditionalist ;) ) but I think one  
> needs to approach real research on the Internet, as opposed to  
> leisurely pursuit of curiosity, with great care and caution. And, as I  
> spent a good hour explaining to my niece recently, just because 10  
> pages say the same wrong thing doesn't mean it will ever be right.
> -- Tom Fine
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> It might have been this op-ed piece from the NY Times:
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> ex=1144213200&en=0a1bc989fbb245c0&ei=5070&emc=eta1>Op-Ed
> Contributor:  Searching for Dummies
> Are search engines making today's students dumber?
> Alec McLane
> At 09:59 AM 3/29/2006, Lou Judson wrote:
>> I'm sorry I did not save a link to something I read recently about  
>> some kind of test or survey that indicated kids who use the internet  
>> can only find things with search engines, not with boook and  
>> brains... I do not assume this meant discrimination, rather use of  
>> resources if not organized by algorithms. If I find it I'll post it,  
>> if not then this is just one of those "I read it on the net"  
>> messages...
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>> On Mar 29, 2006, at 5:56 AM, Karl Miller wrote:
>>> On Tue, 28 Mar 2006, Lou Judson wrote:
>>>> On the other hand, kids these days are able to search but barely to
>>>> reason...
>>> I assume you mean the ability to discriminate? How does one tell the  
>>> good
>>> from the bad and how do you tell what is "real" and what is not in  
>>> the
>>> digital world.
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