I've been reading the list for while and appreciate the information and
knowledge that is shared here, and I have a question about a particular
brand/stock of tape. 

Most of our recordings made in the mid-late 80's and easrly 90's was
recorded to Scotch 226. It's all pretty sticky, but bakes well. I have
just encountered a single reel of Scotch 227. It seems to be a thinner
tape than the 226, ad Im assuming it was an economy version of 226. It
is also sticky, however it does not respond to baking. While the amount
of deposit left on the heads and guides is minimal, and the tape passes
through the transport without slowing, the squeal and distortion is
audible in the transfer.

Does anyone have any experience with this tape? Any suggestions or other
treatments that might get it to run smoothly?



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