Doesn't it mean you can jump to anywhere in a file without winding 
tape? That is my interpretation, and all digital editors including 
Protools are non-linear...


Lou Judson  Intuitive Audio

On Mar 11, 2006, at 10:49 AM, Mike Richter wrote:

> Rod Stephens wrote:
>> Hi Tom,
>> As a retired (except for sound projects) motion picture film (and 
>> later digital) editor, much of the work I've been able to do with 
>> sound tracks, whether they be on 35 MM (16 MM is much more difficult 
>> to edit) film or a non linear editing system like Audition, has been 
>> a result of learning the tricks of the trade.
> This is the first suggestion I've encountered that Adobe Audition is 
> not linear. My own work with it (and with its predecessor, CoolEdit 
> Pro) has extended over nearly a decade, so I am curious as to what is 
> meant by the term "non linear" here.
> Mike
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