Quite so !! It is just easier and more tempting now, and a generation of
engineers that have not felt the resource restrictions of time and
tools. These restrictions served to help hold the line 'somewhat' on the

I don't fault the tools, any more than I'd fault the tape measure for a
poor carpentry job. Moderation and restraint, that is a different

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Protools and other software only allows it to be more and faster -
lifeless productions predate even digital, as witness the previous
comments on 78s.

Lou Judson * Intuitive Audio

On Mar 13, 2006, at 10:37 AM, Scott Phillips wrote:

> Perhaps it is the 'perfection of the human imperfections' that makes 
> the perfect take. The soullessness of the 100% 'perfect' take, now 
> that is the problem.  Pro tools strikes again, or rather the overuse 
> of it to hide poor performance. Or perhaps to ruin a wonderful human 
> interpretation of the music....
> Tools and equipment are wonderful, until used simply because they are 
> there. I own them myself, including Pro Tools, so their worth is 
> apparent to me, but also the flaws in the thinking that can entrap the

> user. Hiding poor performances or in particular poor production 
> planning during recording strikes me as simply being lazy or desperate

> to save the unsaveable.
> (Just one man's opinion... :>)
> Scott Phillips