NCEAD has adopted the MARC codes for these kinds sources for the @SOURCE

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While the EAD version 2.0 tag library doesn't give a list of accepted
for the SOURCE attribute, the EAD version 1.0 tag library does.

According to this older list, the acceptable values are:

aat (Art and Architecture Thesaurus)
aacr2 (Anglo-American Cataloging rules, 2d ed., rev.)
cdwa (Categories for the Description of Works of Art)
dot (Dictionary of Occupational Titles)
gmgpc (Thesaurus for Graphic Materials II)
lcnaf (Library of Congress Name Authority File)
lcsh (Library of Congress Subject Headings)
lctgm (Thesaurus for Graphic Materials I)
local (heading from a locally maintained list of index terms)
mesh (Medical Subject Terms)
mim (Moving Image Materials)
ncarules (National Council on Archives Rules for Construction of Personal,
Corporate, and Place Names)
nmc (Revised Nomenclature for Museum Cataloging)
rad (Rules for Archival Description)
rbgenr (genre terms)
tgn (Thesaurus of Geographic Names)
ulan (Union List of Artists' Names)

Hope this helps,

Aaron Berkowitz.

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Subject: Approved list of abbreviations for SOURCE attributes?

For the SOURCE attribute for the various controlled access terms
persname, etc), is there a list of the accepted abbrevations that should be
used for various common sources, e.g. "aat" for Art and Architecture
Thesaurus, "lcsh" for Library of Congress Subject Headings" etc?



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