As my first project I am applying EAD via XMetal to a the collection of a composer, Merrill Ellis, who wrote conventional and electronic music. It is comprised of four series: correspondence, musical compositions, sound recordings, and visual materials.

In Series 2, Compositions, I wish to describe some of the content. In MARC this is done via notes in the 500 tag. XMetal is not allowing this within the <unitttile>, so I have opted to use <abstract>. Comments requested.

<unittitle>Series 2, Compositions.</unittitle> 
		  <unitdate type="inclusive">1960-1981.</unitdate> 
		  <physdesc>21 boxes</physdesc> 
		  <p>Boxes 1-12 are scores of compositions by Merrill Ellis. Boxes 13-21 are compositions by other composers. Ellis assigned catalog numbers to several of these.</p> 

<c02 level="file"><did><container type="Box">1</container>
	<container type="Folder">1</container>
	<unittitle>Orchestra piece</unittitle>
	<abstract>For orchestra.</abstract>
	<physdesc>Sketch.<physfacet type="color">Red ink on front: <title>Orchestra piece. </title></physfacet>
	<extent>11 min. plus. </extent><extent>62 pages numbered; 43 cm. </extent>
	<physfacet type="color">Black pencil sketch with annotations in red or black marker. </physfacet>Uses tape recording.</physdesc>

<c02 level="file"><did><container type="Box">1</container>
	<container type="Folder">2</container>
	<unittitle>Kaleidoscope. </unittitle>
	<abstract>For orchestra.</abstract>
	<physdesc>Sketch.<physfacet altrender="type=color">In pencil.</physfacet>
	<extent>35 numbered pages; 34cm.</extent></physdesc>

<c02 level="file"><did><container type="Box">13</container>
	<container type="Folder"></container>
	<unittitle><persname>Adler, Samuel. </persname>Nature's Ebb and Flow: a cycle of five songs for women's chorus and piano.
	<abstract>For chorus (SSAA) and piano; text by Linette Woodworth Reese.</abstract>


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