If you can work with your Word files in WordPerfect instead, the Utah State Archives (under heading Container Lists) describes their method of converting WordPerfect container lists into EAD tagged plain text, which can then be copied and pasted into an XML editor in plain text view. This is apparently different from using macros, as is described in the EAD page you cite. I have used their technique and found that it worked well. The only problem was working with very long container lists - the larger the file, the more prone it was to include errors in the conversion process within WordPerfect. It's best to break up large files into smaller ones (you might want to experiment to determine the threshold where errors start to occur.)

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I have a very large guide in Word format which I need to convert to EAD XML.   I am especially concerned about the Series section as we have over 800 boxes to tag.


I am unable to find any way to do this (other than cutting and pasting from Word to and an XML editor) except for using Text conversion software shown on the EAD site

Is this kind of software the only answer or is there another clever way?  If commercial software is the solution, what products have been used and recommended?


Also is there a recommendation of the length/size of an EAD guide?  I have some concern about download time for users.


Thanks in advance for help.


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