I often take large files like this into Excel and use the columns to quickly and easily add tagging.  I first do a search/replace in Word to add tabs at the points where I will need new columns, then import it into excel.

If your file is very consistently formatted you can sometimes add the tags simply through a search and replace in Word -- I've done this with files up to 30 or 40 pages with few problems.  Sometimes it takes a series of search/replaces (the most I've had to do so far was I think five) to get all the start/end tags to match up correctly.

Regarding the size of the EAD file -- much depends on whether you will be generating static HTML files or whether you will be relying on the client's browser in combination with an XSL style sheet to generate the HTML on-demand.  If the former (which is what we do), they can be fairly large -- our largest so far is 670KB in xml format and about 925KB in HTML format and doesn't seem to take an inordinate amount of time to load.  If the latter, you'll want to keep them fairly small so as not to bog down the client's browser -- perhaps someone else can speak to ideal sizes for that approach.


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I have a very large guide in Word format which I need to convert to EAD XML.
I am especially concerned about the Series section as we have over 800 boxes
to tag.


I am unable to find any way to do this (other than cutting and pasting from
Word to and an XML editor) except for using Text conversion software shown
on the EAD site 

Is this kind of software the only answer or is there another clever way?  If
commercial software is the solution, what products have been used and


Also is there a recommendation of the length/size of an EAD guide?  I have
some concern about download time for users. 


Thanks in advance for help.


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