Hi all-

We're working here at Indiana University to build a new common
infrastructure for all of our digital library collections, many of which
are described using EAD. The developer working on this has run into a
problem with his initial approach to parsing EAD. His assessment of the
problem is thus:

Has anybody had success in reading EAD files in Java using Castor?
We're having problems getting Castor to accept mixed content model
elements in EAD, particularly the <lb /> tag, and repetitive tags within
a block of text.  One example that Castor would have particular
difficulty with, is:

	<creation>Machine-readable finding aid created from Microsoft
Word documents <lb />
		Date of source: mm, dd, yyyy <lb />
		Processed by ... on <date>mm, dd, yyyy</date>;
		Finding aid encoded by ... on <date>mm, dd, yyyy</date>,
		Archives of Traditional Music, Indiana University

We've heard anecdotally about other folks running into the same problem
with this approach. Has anyone successfully gotten past this using
Castor? Or have you, after running into this, dropped this approach and
moved into a native XML database or other type of solution?

Thanks for any advice you can give!


Jenn Riley
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