I was assured by the publisher representative that it would be available
so I've ordered it for my Summer course.  It would be great, though, to
have the table of contents for syllabus preparation.
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Hello, All.

As you may know, Arlene Taylor has been working on the 10th edition of
Introduction to Cataloging and Classification.  (The "Wynar's" has been
dropped.)  I was putting in my textbook order for my summer class, and
Libraries Unlimited could not assure me that the 10th edition would be
available for summer.  So I contacted Arlene.  She assures me that the
new edition will be available by the end of May, and that actually, they
are trying for the middle of May -- she has the page proofs now.  She
also offered to send me a pdf of the table of contents (since the
chapters have been rearranged) as soon as she has it (by the middle of
April, she thinks).  She said she could do the same for any of you who
wish to use the 10th edition for the summer term.  Her e-mail address
is:  [log in to unmask]

I was delighted to hear the 10th edition was so close to final
publication and greatly appreciate Arlene's generosity in sharing
pre-publication information.  



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