Dear JAC members,
We have received the proposal below to include an alpha-3 identifier for Samogitian.
Ethnologue and ISO 639-3 names Samogitian as a variant name of the dialect Shamaitish under Lithuanian. The proposer argues that it is a separate language. We shall need to assess that.
The Linguasphere Registry has 54-AAA-ad "žemaichiai" under 54-AAA-a "Lithuanian" (with "shamaitish" as one of the variant names).
The proposed identifier "smg" is not available. There are in fact very few identifiers starting with s that are available. I would suggest that we consider starting with z, since the indigenous name starts with z with caron. I would propose "zog".
The proposal uses Unicode character numbers for characters that cannot be rendered otherwise:
ā = a with macron
č = c with caron
ē = e with macron
ė = e with dot above
ī = i with macron
Discussion please (until 14 April).
Best regards,
Håvard Hjulstad
(PS: This message is copied to the submitter for information. He will be unable to post messages to the list, but may submit additional information directly to me, and I will forward it to the list.)

This data was submitted on: Friday, January 13, 2006 at 06:40:18

lang_in_eng = Samogitian

lang_in_fre = Samogitien

ref_where_found_1 =

lang_in_vern = Žemaitėška; žemaitiu

ref_where_found_2 =

trans_lit =

evidence = Samogitia Cultural Society -
Telšiai (Telšē), Lithuania. Magazine with Samogitians articles. Books with poesy and poetry.

addinfo = Number of speakers: about 500.000 Official status: till XX c. Samogitian was language between peasants and gentlemen. After Lithuanian independency in 1918 political situation was changed: Lithuanians say Samogitian is the dialect, Samogitians (not all) say no.
The difference between these two languages is big. Samogitian has different letters (ā, ē, ī etc.).
Spoken in West Lithuanian Republic, Samogitia

request_addition = ISO 639-2 only

2_code_suggestion =

3_code_suggestion = smg

submit_name = Arns Udovīčė

submit_email = [log in to unmask]

submit_status = Speaker of language