I find myself in a quandary* over the Hyam and Gong requests.


The requesters claimed to have 50 docs for Hyam, but not Gong; it’s evident that they are requesting these to facilitate software localization. Applying the current rules strictly, I should probably vote in favour of Hyam but against Gong. I feel both should have an alpha-3 (but not alpha-2), but there are alpha-3 IDs for both in 639-3, and it’s unclear to me if those that have the greatest concern for the future of 639-2 would consider it appropriate to include these. At this point, I feel my choices are one of the following:


  1. vote with strict application of the rules (Hyam, yes; Gong, no)
  2. vote in favour of both to satisfy the expressed need knowing that it might compromise future revised criteria for 639-2
  3. wait to see how our TC46 members vote and simply vote the way that they do
  4. wait until we have new criteria set for 639-2, delaying a decision on these even longer




* “In a quandary” is an apparently-obsolete expression replaced by the modern anomaly “conflicted”, which I cannot bring myself to use.







From: ISO JAC Voting Member List [mailto:[log in to unmask]] On Behalf Of Håvard Hjulstad
Sent: Friday, March 24, 2006 6:46 AM
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Subject: [JACVOTE] ISO 639 ballot 2006-4 - Hyam; Ham; Jaba


Dear JAC voting members,


ISO 639 ballot 2006-4: Hyam; Ham; Jaba


Please see original submission in the enclosed message. I am sorry that the issue has been on by desk too long before submitting a ballot.


During the discussion none of the members presented arguments against the inclusion of this item in the alpha-3 table of ISO 639-2. It is already in ISO 639-3.


Please vote by 14 April 2006.


Submitted by:


(A) Inclusion:


___ I am in favour of including "Hyam; Ham; Jaba" in ISO 639-2.

___ I am opposed to including "Hyam; Ham; Jaba" in ISO 639-2.


[Inclusion in the alpha-2 code is not balloted.]


(B) Identifier:

[Since the item is already in ISO 639-3, the identifier "jab" should be retained.]


(C) Names:


___ I am in favour of the English names "Hyam; Ham; Jaba".

___ I am opposed to the English names "Hyam; Ham; Jaba".



___ I am in favour of the French names "hyam; ham; jaba".

___ I am opposed to the French names "hyam; ham; jaba". 



___ I am in favour of the indigenous names "Hyam; Ham; Jaba".

___ I am opposed to the indigenous names "Hyam; Ham; Jaba". 


(D) Comments: