Is there a standardized form of the "language" that can be defined?  From the sources I've consulted it seems to be a cluster of dialects without a standardized written form.  Would each dialect want its own identifier?  Ethnologue gives Savoyard as a dialect of Franco-Provencal, not as a synonym.  "Patois" (or "Patoues") is not a language name.

Milicent Wewerka, Library of Congress

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Dear JAC members,
The proposal below has been submitted some time ago.
As far as I can understand it is the item that is encoded "frp" (Franco-Provençal) in Ethnologue and ISO 639-3. Ethnologue has as alternate names Patois and Arpitan.
The proposer asks for an alpha-2 identifier as well. I would suggest that we do not include it in the alpha-2 table.
The question is then whether the item should be "moved" from 639-3 to 639-2.
Discussion please (until 14 April).
Best regards,
This data was submitted on: Thursday, August 4, 2005 at 04:10:36

lang_in_eng = Arpitan, Francoprovençal

lang_in_fre = Arpitan, Francoprovençal, Savoyard

ref_where_found_1 = <> 

lang_in_vern = Arpitan, Savoyârd, Patouès

ref_where_found_2 = <> 

trans_lit =

evidence = Académie chablaisienne (70), Centre de la Culture Savoyarde (nd), Centre de dialectologie de Neuchâtel (more than 50)... See also "anthology francoprovençale" by Dominique Stich 

addinfo = 80 000 speakers in Italy (Val d'Aosta - official, Piemont, Pouilles), Switzerland (Geneva, Valais, Neuchâtel, Fribourg, Vaud), France (Savoy, Lyonnais, Franche-Comté Sud, Bresse, Forez...). 

request_addition = ISO 639-1 and ISO 639-2 

2_code_suggestion = ap 

3_code_suggestion = arp 

submit_name = Arban Lavy 

submit_email = [log in to unmask] 

submit_status = President of Arpitan Culture Alliance (Aliance culturèla arpitana), Lausanne