The first reference listed, the Wikipedia article, indicates that "Mahl" 
is the same as "Dhivehi" or Maldivian, and is a variant name used for 
political motivations:

"It is practically the same as or mutually intelligible with Divehi 
Language, the official language of Maldives, but differentiated in name 
for political reasons."

Dhivehi by any other name ought to still be [div].

-Joan Spanne

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03/24/2006 06:46 AM
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ISO 639 proposal - Mahl - discussion

Dear JAC members,
We have received the proposal to include both alpha-2 and alpha-3 
identifier for Mahl. Please see the original proposal below.
Ethnologue and ISO 639-3 lists Mahl as a variant name for Maldivian 
(identifier "div").
The Linguasphere Registry lists "mahl" as a variant name for "dhivehi" 
(59-ABA-aa) (= "Maldivian").
As to identifiers: The alpha-2 "ma" in available, in case we should decide 
to include Mahl in the alpha-2 table. The proposed alpha-3 identifier 
"mah" is not available. There are in fact very few free identifiers 
starting with m, and no obvious one at all. If we want to assign an 
identifier starting with m, I suggest "muf" (simply because all better 
choices are already taken).
Discussion please (until 14 April).
Best regards,
Håvard Hjulstad
(PS: This message has been copied to the proposer for information. He will 
not be able to submit to the email list. Should he wish to add any 
information, he may do so directly to me, and I shall forward it to the 
*************** ORIGINAL SUBMISSION **********
Regarding documents in the Mahl language. And the name of the institution 
and the number of documents at each.
1. in Central Institute of Indian Langguages (has atleast 3 documents).
(please refer)
2. Mahl Unit Press Minicoy (Text books in Mahl for I to IV standards) 
Number of Documents N/A
(please refer)
3. Inaa-ee Library, Feridhoo, North Ari Atoll, MALDIVES (has 39 Text 
Books, 1 daily news paper, 17 Essay books, 2 poetry books and 1 book on 
----> email: Inaa-ee Library <[log in to unmask]> of the 
Director, Mr. Saud Abdel Kareem.
4. Bada Village Library, Minicoy, Lakshadweep, INDIA (Text books and 
newspapers) Number of Documents N/A
lang_in_eng = Mahl
lang_in_fre =
ref_where_found_1 =
lang_in_vern = Maliku bas
ref_where_found_2 = 
trans_lit = 
evidence = Central Institute of Indian Langguages 
addinfo = 300,000 in Minicoy, India and Maldives incorrect.
addinfo = 9495 in Minicoy island, Lakshadweep, INDIA. (Correct) 
request_addition = ISO 639-1 and ISO 639-2 
2_code_suggestion = ma 
3_code_suggestion = mah 
submit_name = Iyaaz J Naseem 
submit_email = [log in to unmask] 
submit_status = Native speaker of the language