There is a draft of MODS version 3.2 out for review at:

It includes the following changes:

1. <location><url>
1.1. Added attribute "note" to allow for notes associated with the
link.  Tentative plan for 4.0 is to make it an element instead of an
attribute, and  wrap <url> and <urlNote> together. Can't do that in 3.2
because it would not be compatible with 3.1. 
1.2. Added attribute "access",  enumerated list with values:

2. <physicalDescription><digitalOrigin>
Added enumerated values: 
digitized microfilm 
digitized other analog 

3. <part>
3.1. Added attributes ID, type, order 
3.2. <part> may now be empty (minOccurs 0 on choice)

4. ID attribute added.
4.1 to relatedItem 
4.2 to note.

5. The following  elements have been globalized:
5.1 <dateCaptured>  (under <originInfo)  dateCapturedType defined
5.2 <edition> (under <originInfo> editionType defined
5.3 <physicalLocation> (under <location>) physicalLocationType defined

6. Elements whose type had been assumed to be "string", but had not been
explicitly typed, are now typed.

We will make this official after a short comment period (we have already
addressed most of the details). Please send any comments by Apr. 14.

We may still add the attribute "facet" to <subject> and <topic>: see
message from Mar. 30:

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