Network Bulletin No. 06-09

Date:      March 10, 2006

Subject:    MSCE Quality Assurance Program                            
Index term:  If I Only Had a Horn
added to the program

NLS is pleased to announce that__ If I Only Had a Horn: Young Louis Armstrong,__ recorded by
Louisiana Voices of the Louisiana State Library in Baton Rouge, has been added to the collection
through the MSCE Quality Assurance Program.  The attached factsheet provides more

Libraries are encouraged to acquire a master from the MSCE, notify patrons of the book's
and begin circulating copies to interested readers.


For further information contact:   

Carolyn Hoover Sung
Chief, Network Division
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If I Only Had a Horn: Young Louis Armstrong (RCN 012)

__If I Only Had a Horn: Young Louis Armstrong__ by Roxane Orgill is a
network-produced book that has achieved full acceptance through the Multistate
Center East (MSCE) Quality Assurance Program and is now available directly
from MSCE.  ILL requests for __If I Only Had a Horn: Young Louis Armstrong__
(RCN 012) should be directed there.

This is the first title recorded by volunteers at Louisiana Voices Services for the
Blind and Physically Handicapped to earn full NLS acceptance.  The thirty-two
page children's book, published by Houghton Mifflin, is recorded on one cassette.

Book description: "Roxane Orgill's vivid words tell the story of a boy who grew up
to be a giant of jazz the legendary and beloved Louis Armstrong.  As a poor boy in
New Orleans, where music was everywhere dancing out of doorways, singing on
street corners, crying from the cornet of the great Joe Oliver for all to hear Louis
longed for a horn so that he too could sing, bring home pennies, and, most of all,
tap happy-feet blues till the sun rose.  It wasn't going to be easy.  Many things, not
all of them good, had to happen before he got his horn.  But when at last he did, he
sent music spiraling up into the New Orleans night sky like a spinning top gone