Dear cataloging community,

The Cataloging Committee of the Association of Jewish Libraries (AJL), the 
Program for Cataloging Committee (PCC) at the Library of Congress (LC), and 
the Cooperative Cataloging Team (Coop Cat) at LC have worked together to 
make a number of cataloging tools, resources and projects available for 
cataloging Hebraica materials. These are materials in which the dominant 
portion of text, as well as the title page are written in Hebrew script and 
can include Hebrew, Yiddish, Ladino, Judeo-Arabic, etc.

The Hebraica NACO Funnel ( and 
Judaica Subject Authority Funnel Project 
( were established to 
enable catalogers to propose new authority records (NARS), subject authority 
records and LC classification numbers required for cataloging materials 
related to Hebraica and Jewish Studies. These two funnel projects adhere to 
the same guidelines and standards for operations as the other NACO and SACO 
funnel projects that function within the PCC.

The PCC and Coordinator of these two funnels invite catalogers who handle 
Hebraica materials and have not undergone specialized training at LC (this 
is only applicable for Hebraica NACO participation and is not required for the
Judaica SACO Project) to consider joining these funnels and increase the 
number of Hebraica and Judaica name authority records and subject headings 
in the LC/NACO Authority File and Subject Authority File.

In addition, the NACO Hebraica Funnel maintains a web-page 
( that provides cataloging tools 
for Hebraica catalogers. An online and slightly revised edition of Paul 
Maher's "Hebraica Cataloging" (1987) has been mounted at this website. The 
site also provides links to documentation that describe rules and practices 
associated with significant changes of policy affecting AACR2 Hebraica 
cataloging that have taken place since 1987. This website and its associated 
listserv, Heb-NACO help to publicize these and provide guidance for 
catalogers creating Hebraica bibliographic and authority records. All practicing catalogers of Hebraica are 
welcome to join the Heb-NAOC listserv.  For information on how to subscribe, contact Joan Biella at [log in to unmask]

If you have any questions and for further information, please contact:

Heidi G. Lerner (Coordinator: Hebraica NACO Funnel, Judaica Subject 
Authority Funnel)
e-mail: [log in to unmask] 
Joan Biella (Senior Descriptive Cataloger, LC Hebraica Cataloging Team)
e-mail: [log in to unmask]