Revision Responsibilities of NACO Members

I have been asked to remind NACO members that it is their responsibility under the NACO guidelines to revise those authority headings affected by their revisions to an existing heading.

CPSO and the bibliographic utilities have noted a significant number of instances in which NACO members are adding death dates to a personal name heading, but are failing to revise associated authority headings such as uniform titles established under that personal name. This is creating a considerable burden of error reporting and resolution in both the authority and bibliographic files for OCLC, CPSO, and Coop.

When adding death dates under the newly issued LCRI, please follow the guidelines set out in the NACO Participants' Manual, 3rd ed. and the introductory section of DCM Z1.

Anthony R.D. Franks
Team Leader, Cooperative Cataloging Team
Library of Congress
202-707-2822 (voice)
202-252-2082 (fax)