At 11:14 AM 4/26/2006, David Seubert wrote:
>Does TY still make 74-minute discs? Last time I tried to order some 
>I couldn't get them so I bought Verbatim, which where the only 
>cyanine 74 minute discs that I could get. This was from a big CD-R 
>vendor (I've forgotten their name right now) that is/was supposedly 
>the largest Mitsui vendor.
>What's the current thinking on 80 minute discs?

To be technical about it, they are outside of the standard. Many 
people use them. I keep some around, but the bulk of my work is done 
on 74-minute discs.

The archival gold discs are available in 74 minute does NOT list them.

I wonder what this is - 80 minute "Preservation Disc" from Kodak
no other gold archive listing here.They have other gold, but all 80-minute doesn't even list MAM-A and are 
showing 90-minute CD-Rs as "HOT"

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