On Mon, 3 Apr 2006, Steven Smolian wrote:

> I wrote a small article a number of years ago about the metronome markings
> Beethoven added to his earlier works in his later years.  My point was that,
> though I'm sure he heard them in his head "a tempo," he was hearing them
> without room resonance, echo, delay, etc., factors which usually slow down a
> performance to accomodate the music absorbtion rate of the audience.

Which for me is a most fascinating trying to add reverb to
a Studio 8H just never seems to work as the line will

While I find Steve's observation to be reasonable, I do wonder...surely he
could remember such things as reverberation and could have been mindful of
such considerations. Also, I wonder, might those tempo markings have been what
he would have wished possible.

One major gap in my musicological awareness is the size of the halls were
Beethoven performed when he did have his full hearing...