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  > Well, it looks like people are adding reverb to their halls in live
  > performance now. So what will be the "real" acoustics of a hall?:
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  > May this be a trend? I find it disturbing, but can't really say why.
  Well, I always wanted to take my band into a Toronto subway station
  during the time when the subway is out of service (0230-0500), since
  the stations have a very nice reverb!

  Failing that, I always wondered what the results might be if I put us
  at a certain location under an overpass I had a very odd
  echo in one place where sounds actually repeated themselves in short
  pulses three or four times per second...

  Finally, there were a number of different studios and record firms
  that used their (tiled) rest rooms as "echo chambers," with speakers
  to feed the sound in and mikes to pick it up including echo! I don't
  know what happened if someone used the facility mid-session, which
  would have added interesting adjuncts to the recording...?!

  Steven C. Barr

You could always rename your band "Fit To Be Tiled", but that name was 
already used by Duck's Breath Mystery Theater.