I have a researcher who is looking for a recording of  Salvatore Salvati 
performing "Il mio tesoro" from Mozart:Don Giovanni on Artiphon D-08267.
This is his priority, but is also looking for the following:

1.) Versions of the same aria by Gino Taddei (LP era)

2.) and by Florin Diaconescu, Electro ST-ELE-01816

3.) and by Kenneth McKellar (if it exists)

4.) and Rudolf Shock, Royale 1256 also on BASF 10 22178 4

5.) LP recording of "Madame Butterfly" (Puccini) 1969 BASF, Gino Taddei, 
Raina Kabaivanska (Kabaiwanska), Mirella Mancossi, Gianni Mateo, conducted 
by Ugo Rapalo with Orquesta Filharmonica de Naples, coro Accademia Corus 

Please contact Mr. Jeptha Boone at <[log in to unmask]>.
Aurora Perez
Stanford Archive of Recorded Sound