At 03:04 PM 4/18/2006, Dave Garland wrote:
>That's true and make sure you have adequate grounds such as
>a copper strap connecting all components.  All connections to
>the ground should be silver soldered.

Hi, Dave,

If you have to go to those ends, there is something wrong with:
   The system design
   The equipment
   The power system

The only reason, IMHO, to go to those extremes is at a transmitter 
plant, and I was part of team that successfully designed how to put 
standard broadcast audio equipment in the control room of a Voice of 
America shortwave transmitter (relay) station when the transmitter 
hall outside had ten 500,000 watt transmitters. I was lead engineer 
for the audio and control room portion of the design. And yes, we did 
limited things like you describe, but not inside the control room.

IMHO if you need silver solder and there is a difference between 
silver and lead solder, the noise currents are flowing in the wrong places.



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