On 18/04/06, Steven Smolian wrote:
> In my experience, this is not a problem if the studio is wired up by
> someone proficient in grounding. Check with your local commerical
> audio/instrument store that does high-end installations, not your
> hi-fi shop. The former will have guys on call who are experts at that.

Yes. It is not inevitable that a setup with unbalanced connections will
have hum.

In this very room, there is an audio setup plus three computers with
their covers off and fluorescent lamps. Speaker cables run through to an
adjoining room, and the background from those speakers is completely

My guess is that if you are getting hum, there is one or more dodgy
connectors, or a loop. 

Although balanced connections are ideal, so much audio gear is
unbalanced that it is difficult to organise a balanced setup.

Don Cox
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