At 09:34 PM 4/18/2006, David Lewiston wrote:
>When recording such a loud instrument, the mic should not be too 
>close to it. For pipes & shawms I prefer not to place the mics 
>closer than 20 feet. Because such loud instruments are intended to 
>be heard out of doors, that's where I record them.
>If a condenser mic mic is too close to such a loud instrument, it 
>may well overload  diaphragm and/or the FET. I've run into this sort 
>of problem.
>For such an application I would leave the Neumann condensers in the 
>carrying bag, choosing instead a dynamic omni such as the EV RE 50, 
>which is very well behaved.

I don't disagree with the advice but the mic preamp may be what is 
overloaded, not the mic itself.

Do bagpipes really get up to 120 dB SPL where you would mic them? The 
Audio Technica AT-822 that I suggested as a good buy will generate 1% 
THD at 1 kHz at 125 dB SPL.

At that point, the mic will be putting out over half a volt AC.

If indeed the bagpipe is putting out in excess of 120 dB SPL, then 
the musician needs to seriously worry about hearing protection.



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