Aaron Levinson wrote:

  It is confusing for sure. But strangely enough David Amram who is
  perhaps a bit more technically sophisticated than Bob Z. seems to
  have had a similar revelation.

There's a name I haven't seen for a while! We used to get together any time 
I was in New York or he was in Toronto. The world's greatest interview..put 
a mike in front of him and ask him how he is, and then come back in a half 
hour to change the tape. He moved out of New York, his agent died, his 
Toronto rep got out of the business and I lost contact with him.


  He was jamming with some jazz musicians as the post-bop period was
  under way. He was not a sophisticated pianist and a guy who's name
  eludes me suggested that a way to voice more sophisticated chords
  without having a great deal of technique was to play a given chord
  (G7) and then double the third and the seventh
  degree of the chord again in the other hand. Neat trick, but I have
  no idea what this has to do with the triplet issue...just a thought.