Hi, Steven,

There are many models as to how to proceed.

If it were me, I'd use a computer, bring everything in, and tweak the 
show and burn it.

You could do it live and record directly to CD in one take (you can 
pause on silence).

You need a mic preamp, one or more turntables and preamps, one or 
more CD players and a good audio interface.

If you put it together in the computer, you only need one of 
everything because the crossfades are done in post production. You 
need two of most things if you are going to try and do it live, real-time.

I think CD quality is more than adequate for this application.

Take a look at the equipment that I'm using. I would recommend the same again.

Good luck!



At 10:38 PM 4/21/2006, you wrote:
>I currently do an Internet-based "radio" show for our local college. Their
>school year ended to-day, and my "radio" show won't resume until sometime
>in September. However, I am told that if I can burn shows to CD's (two,
>it runs for two hours) they can be "broadcast" over their net connection.
>So...what do I need (software and hardware) to record "radio" shows
>followed by talking) onto CD-R's...and how do I go about it?
>Steven C. Barr

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