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>Also, perhaps the two of us (plural "us" in your case, referring
>to the institution) could put a discoid equivalent to UCSB's web-
>accessible cylinder archive. Unless the US forces Canada to change
>to the quasi-eternal term for sound-recording copyrights, every
>North American 78 will be p.d. here in Canada by the end of 2009
>(there may be a very few that will require until the end of 2010)...

Write to the Hon. Bev Oda and copy your local MP. I did. Tell her not to do it.

Reposted from the Arcan-L from 2006-04-11

>Conservative government to introduce copyright bill: Bev Oda
>The Conservative government intends to amend the Copyright Act and 
>ratify two internet treaties of the World Intellectual Property 
>Organization, Heritage Minister Bev Oda told the Hill Times last 
>week after the Speech from the Throne.
>"Copyright legislation has to be amended to make [compliant] our 
>copyright laws and ratify the international treaties," Ms. Oda 
>(Durham, Ont.) said.  "We will be introducing a new copyright bill 
>that will expedite meeting our international obligations but also 
>making sure that we have a copyright regime and a copyright 
>framework that's appropriate."  The WIPO Internet treaties have been 
>a source of some controversy because they give owners of copyrighted 
>works more control over the use and distribution of music, movies, 
>and other content in the digital age.  The treaties, adopted in 
>Geneva in 1996, would clarify file-sharing as copyright infringement 
>in Canada, for example, making it easier for the recording industry 
>to sue file-sharers.  They would also make it an infringement to 
>crack the technological copy and access controls on digital content.
>While the major recording companies, book publishers and other 
>copyright owners support ratifying the treaties, their critics point 
>out that Canada is not under any international obligation to implement
>their requirements, and should rethink their ratification.
>The Liberal government had introduced a bill at the end of the 38th 
>Parliament that, if passed, would have made Canada compliant with 
>the treaties, but it died on the order paper.
>Ms. Oda did not say when the legislation would be introduced, but 
>since copyright is not one of the government's much talked about 
>five priorities, it is not expected to be introduced in the spring 
>session. The Throne Speech also said that major international 
>treaties would be voted on in Parliament, leading some to wonder 
>whether the ratification of the WIPO Internet treaties would come to a vote.
>"Let's hope that this Government has not made up its mind already on 
>the WIPO treaties," Ottawa copyright lawyer Howard Knopf, a critic 
>of the treaties, wrote on his blog last week.  "Many would consider 
>that to be a less than funny trick."-by Simon Doyle

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