I won't repeat Mike Richter's comments -- they are all on the mark.  
I've had a good deal of trouble getting the labeler to identify and 
LightScribe media correctly, but otherwise I've had no problems.  It's 
not as good as a thermal printer, but it's much, much less expensive.  
The labels are (to me, and I've used a good thermal printer as well) 
very crisp, with good legibility even with 4-point type.  I like to pack 
everything I can on the label, and that kind of font size is critical.

It can be a pain, especially if you need to do a lot of disks, but if 
you need the kind of sharpness it can provide, it's a good, cheaper 
alternative to thermal.

Pete Tinker

Mike Richter wrote:

> Tom Fine wrote:
>> Obviously, I don't think this appropriate for archival stuff, but do 
>> you think it could effect audio quality on client discs? Not sure 
>> how, except if a burn from the top could effect how the bottom is 
>> read in some drives.
>> -- Tom Fine