Does TY still make 74-minute discs? Last time I tried to order some I 
couldn't get them so I bought Verbatim, which where the only cyanine 74 
minute discs that I could get. This was from a big CD-R vendor (I've 
forgotten their name right now) that is/was supposedly the largest 
Mitsui vendor.

What's the current thinking on 80 minute discs?

David Seubert

Prentice, Will wrote:

>It's the same in the UK, so we now use MAM (gold, pthalocyanine, 700MB)
>and TY (silver, cyanine, 650MB). We tried 700MB TY discs but they
>performed very badly, and tested accordingly. We'd prefer two types of
>discs with gold reflective layers, but prefer one gold & one silver over
>one gold only.