I, personally, have not received any errors when I have used it. I am 
very good at breaking things, so I am surprised that I haven't had a 
problem.  I don't know about the others who use it.  I will have to 
inquire and get back to the list.


Richard L. Hess wrote:

> At 09:01 AM 4/27/2006, Miriam Meislik wrote:
>> Good morning,
>> We use's MD5,, to run our 
>> checksums.  It is free Windows software and works rather well from 
>> our perspective. We have used it for about 3 years.   All checksums 
>> generated are kept in the folder containing the digital files and is 
>> named so that we know exactly what it is for.  In our case, we give 
>> everything a batch number, so the checksum is saved using that 
>> particular batch code.  Should the data in folder change, a very rare 
>> occurrence, the checksum would be run again.
> In the three years that you (or anyone else) have been using this, has 
> it ever reported an error that was not reported by the operating system?
> If you have had an error reported by either the checksum software or 
> the operating system, was it repairable in any way or did you go to 
> another copy?
> Cheers,
> Richard
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