To be fair I do not know the whole story, and perhaps I am being unfair.

The story, as I was told, was that the reason for the renovation was to 
extend the season through the summer in Chicago, in order to generate more 
income. *If* that was the main reason, I would find it sad that the result 
was what most consider poorer acoustics for the whole season.

But again, I do not know the whole story.


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> "A sad tale of greed" ??????  With all due respect, let's get real here.
> We're talking about a venue that seats over 2500 people and has over 100
> musicians on stage in suits under hot lights. Any modernization efforts
> would obviously include the installation of air conditioning.
> Brenda
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> Chicago's Orchestra Hall when empty. The latter changed with the
>> disastrous  renovation of 1966, which essentially wrecked Orchestra
> Hall
>> as a listening or  recording venue.)
> I find it particularly poignant that they did it to add A/C so that they
> could extend their season. A sad tale of greed.
> Marcos