I'm right now transferring one of two Scotch 227's from 1986 (10.5" reels). Baked 12 hours, cooled 
12 hours in the American Harvest air oven. No residue on the tape path of my Technics 1500, which I 
used to run though so as to get a good, even wind. Now transferring on my Ampex AG-440B and it 
sounds darn good. I'm very surprised it turned out so well because I was afraid it was stuck for 
good. This is a pair of tapes I did not want to lose. Of course, high-resolution transfer because 
I'm not optimistic they'll play this well a second time.

-- Tom Fine

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I re-baked the 227 for 24 hours straight, followed by a 32 hour cool
down, and the tape played well from head to tail.

Thanks for the advice!


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Parker Dinkins wrote:

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  > One thing I'd add to this (which is interesting..I'd never seen
  > about allowing them to cool for 12 hours)

  Actually in 1999 an engineer at Quantegy asked that I advise website
  visitors that the cooldown period should be 24 hours:

  > allow them to cool to the control room environment for 24 hours
prior to
  > working with the tapes. This allows the tapes to cool, relieves pack

  > gives the binders time to re-adhere to the base film, and allows
  > lubricants deep in the layers of the tape to exude to the surface to

make the
  > tapes runnable.

  It's at

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