Should this be WLX 1609-2 rather than 16080-2?

Are they both on commercial labels or is/are they test pressing(s)?

These are non-US masters.  Often the European issues carried no take numbers 
at all.

I'd suggest trying to synchronize one against the other as David Hamilton 
demonstrated some years ago.  If they can be made to lock, they are the same 
take.  If not, different.

Steve Smolian

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l'Histoire du Soldat"

> At 05:51 PM 4/5/2006, you wrote:
>>Are you sure it's the same music?  Columbia usually used further take 
>>numbers for additional takes rather than assigning a new matrix number.
>>Steve Smolian
> Steve,
> I'm sorry, I meant part VI not part IV.  The title is "Triumphal March of 
> the Devil."
> The Stanford Archive has both takes: WLX-16080-2 and WAX-1608-1-A-F-1.

> Yes, it's the same music according to the label.  Maybe I should listen to 
> it to be sure.
> I don't have access to the equipment right now. I'll check later.
> The matrix numbers for the complete set of recordings of the Soldier's 
> Tale are WLX-1599 through 1602 and WLX-1607/ WLX-1608.
> What Stanford has:
> The records in Columbia album set M-184 include:
> 68123-D (WLX-1599-1/WLX-1600-1)
> 68124-D (WLX-1601-1/WLX-1602-2)
> 68125-D (WLX-1607-1/WLX-1608-2)
> The individual records are:
> LX-199 (WLX-1607-1/WLX-1608-2
> and
> LFX-263 (WLX-1599-1/WLX-1600-1)
> LFX-264 (WLX-1601-1/WLX-1602-2)
> LFX-265 (WLX-1607-1/WLX-1608-2)
> and the variant take from album set MM-184 (record number 72291-D, sides 
> 1/6; (WLX-1599-1/WAX-1608-1-A-F-1)
> The researcher says, "According to the Stuart discography, the released 
> takes for both WLX1602 and WLX1608 were second takes.  Do you have an 
> alternate take for side 4 (WLX1602-2)?"
> We do not have the alternate take for WLX-1602-2.
> Aurora
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>>Subject: [ARSCLIST] Alternate take, "part IV", Stravinsky: "Musique de 
>>l'Histoire du Soldat"
>>>I have a researcher who is looking for the alternate take to Columbia 
>>>matrix WLX-1602-2, "part 4" of Stravinsky: Musique de l'Histoire du 
>>>Soldat, conducted by the composer, which may have been released on any 
>>>one of the following Columbia pressings.
>>>Columbia 68124-D from set M-184
>>>72293-D from set MM-184
>>>The Archive of Recorded Sound at Stanford has the other alternate take to 
>>>WLX-1608-2 (i.e. WAX-1608-1-A-F-1 on record number 72291-D in album 
>>>MM-184) but not the alternate take for WLX-1602-2.
>>>If anyone has this alternate take, please contact the researcher Michael 
>>>Stanley <[log in to unmask]>.  Also, please post to the list for the 
>>>enlightenment of all.
>>>Aurora Perez
>>>Stanford Archive of Recorded Sound
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