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>>A friend of mine used to remark..."why do people think I am nuts just
>>because I have over 40 different recordings of Traviata in my collection."
> All by the same performer(s), though...?

I had a friend who followed Joan Sutherland around the world, taping 
every performance she could attend. She might not have forty of her 
Normas, but surely over a dozen.

There are some song cycles with so much room for interpretation that 
many singers will record them many times. Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau may 
be heard on many commercial releases of the great ones - and even in his 
heyday there were live performances which have been preserved. The only 
comparably intellectual singer (with a great instrument) today is Thomas 
Quasthoff; I have about a dozen of his performances of Winterreise - and 
no two are alike. (Admittedly, he's had several accompanists over that 
dozen and the "accompanist" in that cycle is more nearly a partner.)

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