Hi Mike:

There is a form of podcast link that WMP doesn't recognize. I think it's the .pls type file, if I 
remember correctly. I think it's a form of XML that iTunes recognizes but not WMP. What I do when I 
want to listen to the podcast or broadcast is download the .pls file, dump it into a text window, 
find the link to the MP3 content (it's usually M3U) and just save that as a .m3u file, which WMP and 
almost all other MP3 players recognize and do.

Plan B, of course, is just download iTunes for Windows, which I agree is bloated and somewhat 
invasive, but is much better at managing and listening to podcasts.

-- Tom Fine

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> What is the latest version of Media Player?  I have Media Player 10, but it
> still won't recognize some .mp3 compressions, particularly podcasts from DW
> Germany. I have to feed them through Sound Forge to expand them.
> Is there a list of those .mp3 compressions that are compatible with various
> versions of players? What is the most commonly playable .mp3 format?  My
> relatively old (2 year) CD .mp3 player will only play a few of the currently
> available .mp3 files.
> Mike Csontos