Nice trick, Tom.  AFAIK, .pls is a Real Player extension which is just 
as intrusive a program as iTunes.  I don't use either, but I'm told it 
is not iTunes itself that invades the system.  It is QuickTime, which 
these days has been the bane of the internet.  Be prepared to have it 
take over mp3 association within your browser.  And good luck changing it.

There are *many* players out there that do a great job without taking 
control.  Winamp is still a very good choice.  I use AudioActive for mp3 playback.  Their StreamPlayer is not an easy 
thing to use, but man, does it sound nice.  Both are simple players 
without the bells and whistles.  I don't need all that, I just want to 
hear the file/stream.  There is no need to use what came loaded on the 
machine.  There are very good alternatives out there.  Most are free. 
All you have to do is look.

Angie Dickinson Mickle
Avocado Productions
Arvada, CO

Tom Fine wrote:
> Hi Mike:
> There is a form of podcast link that WMP doesn't recognize. I think it's 
> the .pls type file, if I remember correctly. I think it's a form of XML 
> that iTunes recognizes but not WMP. What I do when I want to listen to 
> the podcast or broadcast is download the .pls file, dump it into a text 
> window, find the link to the MP3 content (it's usually M3U) and just 
> save that as a .m3u file, which WMP and almost all other MP3 players 
> recognize and do.
> Plan B, of course, is just download iTunes for Windows, which I agree is 
> bloated and somewhat invasive, but is much better at managing and 
> listening to podcasts.
> -- Tom Fine
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>> What is the latest version of Media Player?  I have Media Player 10, 
>> but it
>> still won't recognize some .mp3 compressions, particularly podcasts 
>> from DW
>> Germany. I have to feed them through Sound Forge to expand them.
>> Is there a list of those .mp3 compressions that are compatible with 
>> various
>> versions of players? What is the most commonly playable .mp3 format?  My
>> relatively old (2 year) CD .mp3 player will only play a few of the 
>> currently
>> available .mp3 files.
>> Mike Csontos 

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