When recording such a loud instrument, the mic should not be too close to 
it. For pipes & shawms I prefer not to place the mics closer than 20 feet. 
Because such loud instruments are intended to be heard out of doors, that's 
where I record them.

If a condenser mic mic is too close to such a loud instrument, it may well 
overload  diaphragm and/or the FET. I've run into this sort of problem.

For such an application I would leave the Neumann condensers in the carrying 
bag, choosing instead a dynamic omni such as the EV RE 50, which is very 
well behaved.

David Lewiston

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> Lani Spahr wrote:
>> Hello everyone -
>> A friend of mine recently asked me for advice on portable sound
>> recording devices. He's a fellow piper (I know some of you cannot
>> resist the temptation for making jokes, so now's your chance :-)) who
>> wants to record his lessons. He said he tried a $100 device that was
>> probably a voice recorder with less than great results. So what would
>> you all recommend? - short of not playing the pipes :-)
>> Cheers,
>> Lani
> Nothing in that price range will be satisfying. You need a recorder with 
> separate mike input and with defeatable AGC (automatic gain control). The 
> pipes have a wide dynamic range, so AGC will be fatal to decent sound. 
> Built-in mikes have too limited frequency range; it's okay to have one, 
> but be sure that a better one can be plugged in, defeating any internal.
> I'd like to suggest an MD recorder, but suspect that that would be out of 
> his price range, especially with the above. On the other hand, he should 
> be able to locate a portable cassette player at a thrift shop which will 
> do what's needed, then pick up a better mike when the budget permits.
> The voice recorders built into MP3 players are cute, convenient and will 
> be unsatisfactory for sound.
> Mike
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