Speaking of OTR, I'm still looking for more episodes of the "Hear It Now" series of programs done by 
Edward R. Murrow and Fred W. Friendly. The program aired from mid-December 1950 through June, 1951, 
a total of 28 or 29 episodes, according to Friendly. Note, these are NOT the "I Can Hear It Now" 
LPs, this is different.  I have 5 episodes with excellent sound quality. I'd love to accumulate the 
rest. I find OTR community somewhat strange in that you can find multiple copies of any obscure 
serial or drama, no matter how dated or awful, but not so much factual/historical material.

Anyway, any leads appreciated. All suggested before crapped out.

-- Tom Fine

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I know this will sound silly, but does anyone remember the episode of WKRP In Cincinatti when 
several of the staff ended up doing their programs out of the transmitter hut?
Lots of old gear. I never saw any  transcriptions or vintage records but I sure had fun visually 
dissecting the set looking for them !

Thanks For "The Pictures In The Theatre Of The Mind" !!!

Bob Hodge

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I will be there.  I am Neal Ellis.

  Hope to see you.

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  Out of curiosity, is anyone on the ARSCLIST going to attend this event?
It's this weekend, and I'll be there.
Reply off-list.
Don Chichester