You might try the First Generation Radio Archives

I believe they will be doing a presentation in Seattle


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Subject: Re: [ARSCLIST] OTR Convention in Cincinnati

> Speaking of OTR, I'm still looking for more episodes of the "Hear It Now"
series of programs done by
> Edward R. Murrow and Fred W. Friendly. The program aired from mid-December
1950 through June, 1951,
> a total of 28 or 29 episodes, according to Friendly. Note, these are NOT
the "I Can Hear It Now"
> LPs, this is different.  I have 5 episodes with excellent sound quality.
I'd love to accumulate the
> rest. I find OTR community somewhat strange in that you can find multiple
copies of any obscure
> serial or drama, no matter how dated or awful, but not so much
factual/historical material.
> Anyway, any leads appreciated. All suggested before crapped out.
> -- Tom Fine
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> I know this will sound silly, but does anyone remember the episode of WKRP
In Cincinatti when
> several of the staff ended up doing their programs out of the transmitter
> Lots of old gear. I never saw any  transcriptions or vintage records but I
sure had fun visually
> dissecting the set looking for them !
> Thanks For "The Pictures In The Theatre Of The Mind" !!!
> Bob Hodge
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> I will be there.  I am Neal Ellis.
>   Hope to see you.
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>   Out of curiosity, is anyone on the ARSCLIST going to attend this event?
> It's this weekend, and I'll be there.
> Reply off-list.
> Don Chichester
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