The best solution is good sound card and some sound editing program. I wont 
go for 16Bit 44 Khz sample rate, but rather will use much better resolution 
24 Bit, 96 Khz or even 192 KHz. Why not use the best possible solution when 
technology is capable of handling it?  Later you can burn everything on DVD. 
Or if you repack those 24/96 KHz by some lossless program (such as wavepack, 
FLAC etc.) you can even save some space, and save it them on CD if you don't 
have PC DVD burner yet.

If you are planning to record shows over the net, you can use Total 
Recorder, also.

Or, if you can find some good record/acetate cutter you can record those 
shows onto 16" 33rpm acetate blanks :)


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>I currently do an Internet-based "radio" show for our local college. Their
> school year ended to-day, and my "radio" show won't resume until sometime
> in September. However, I am told that if I can burn shows to CD's (two,
> since
> it runs for two hours) they can be "broadcast" over their net connection.
> So...what do I need (software and hardware) to record "radio" shows
> (recordings
> followed by talking) onto CD-R's...and how do I go about it?
> Steven C. Barr
> (deejay-wannabe...)