I am very pleased to announce a very unique broadcast
on Radio Dismuke Joining me on
the broadcast will be special guest Kurt Nauck of
Nauck's Vintage Records.  I am sure the vast majority
of people here are already familiar with Kurt and his
auctions - but if you are not, you can read more about
them at

Kurt has generously agreed to make all of the over
10,000 vintage records in his current auction
available for the broadcast. The records include
everything from late 19th century wax cylinders to
records from the very end of the 78 rpm era and
feature recordings from virtually every major musical
genre recorded between the 1890s and the 1950s  -
jazz, pop, classical, operatic, blues, country,
ethnic, spoken word, foreign records, you name it. The
auction even includes the world's only known complete
set of very rare early 1930s RCA picture records. The
specific records we will play were selected by Nuack's
customers and Radio Dismuke listeners who browsed
through Nauck's current auction catalog over the past
few weeks and emailed in their requests.

We will also be playing vintage cylinder records on
Kurt's Archeophone. Because of the Archeophone's
$16,250 price tag, it is a piece of equipment that is
out of the reach of the vast majority of vintage music
collectors - though I am sure that there are several
ARSCLIST members who are very familiar with it. But if
you are not, you will get an opportunity to hear one
in action during the broadcast.

Because we are expecting a large listenership, in
addition to Radio Dismuke's usual stream on the Live
365 network, I have made arrangements for a second
Radio Dismuke stream to be carried by another network,
LoudCity. That second stream is now active and in many
respects is an improvement over the Live 365 stream.

I will be pre-recording the broadcast at Nauck's
impressive Houston, Texas facilities this week and it
will be broadcast at the following times:

Saturday April 8, 2006
(Live 365 and LoudCity streams)

    United States Listeners
    1:00 PM - Eastern Time
    Noon - Central Time
    11:00 AM - Mountain Time
    10:00 AM - Pacific Time
    International Listeners
    5:00 PM - GMT

Sunday April 9, 2006
(Live 365 and LoudCity streams)

    United States Listeners
    8:00 PM - Eastern Time
    7:00 PM - Central Time
    6:00 PM - Mountain Time
    5:00 PM - Pacific Time
    International Listeners
    12:00 AM Monday - GMT

Friday April 14, 2006
(Note: LoudCity Stream only)

    United States Listeners
    9:00 PM - Eastern Time
    8:00 PM - Central Time
    7:00 PM - Mountain Time
    6:00 PM - Pacific Time
    International Listeners
    1:00 AM Saturday - GMT

Saturday April 15
(Live 365 and LoudCity streams)

    United States Listeners
    Noon - Eastern Time
    11:00 AM - Central Time
    10:00 AM - Mountain Time
    9:00 AM- Pacific Time
    International Listeners
    4:00 PM - GMT

Please note: These times are for the same show - it is
simply being repeated so that people in various time
zones across the world will have an opportunity to
tune in.

You may tune access both the Live 365 and LoudCity
streams on the Radio Dismuke website at The Radio Dismuke chat room
will also be open on the days of the broadcasts so
that you can interact in real time with others who are
listening to the broadcast. There will also be a link
to a technical issues blog where any known technical
issues which might impact the broadcast will be posted
as quickly as possible.  Radio Dismuke is very dial-up
friendly, so for those who do not have a broadband
connection, please do not let that discourage you from
making plans to listen. 

This broadcast will be historic not only because of
the extremely rare vintage material which will be
presented on it but also because, to my knowledge,
this is the first time a radio program of this nature
has ever been attempted. For that reason, I am very
excited about it and hope everyone will be able to
tune in.