Even if the TY discs come out as comprehensively superior, it makes good
sense to burn onto two discs with two distinct manufacturing
backgrounds. Disc manufacturers change their formulations as and when
they see fit, and keep these changes to themselves. If one company
suddenly begins using, say, a dye formulation that fails after a couple
of years, then you have the copies on the other set as a potential
failsafe. At that stage you may not care if the initial results, however
comprehensive, were less impressive :)


Will Prentice 

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Here's a question for those who use cd-r for preservation.

I have used Taiyo Yuden and Mitsui for the last 8 years.  In that time
TY has always come out of my burners with much better quality as
demonstrated by a Clover Systems analyzer.  My question is, if TY has a
consistently better error rate than Mitsui, is there any reason for me
to use Mitsui at all?  I know the arguments for and against
phthalocyanine.  What do you all say?

Leaning towards TY exclusively,
Kevin Irelan

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