In the UK we still buy 650MB (74 min) TY discs of good quality. We
inadvertently received some 700MB (80 min) TYs a few years ago which
were pretty bad, and optimised for high speed burning. We Europeans
can't get appropriate quality 650MB MAM-E discs though, unlike you North
American MAM-A customers.

While on paper we'd prefer to stick to 650MB discs, in reality the
difference in quality between 650 and 700MB isn't clear cut. You always
have to test, whichever you use.


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Does TY still make 74-minute discs? Last time I tried to order some I 
couldn't get them so I bought Verbatim, which where the only cyanine 74 
minute discs that I could get. This was from a big CD-R vendor (I've 
forgotten their name right now) that is/was supposedly the largest 
Mitsui vendor.

What's the current thinking on 80 minute discs?

David Seubert

Prentice, Will wrote:

>It's the same in the UK, so we now use MAM (gold, pthalocyanine, 700MB)
>and TY (silver, cyanine, 650MB). We tried 700MB TY discs but they
>performed very badly, and tested accordingly. We'd prefer two types of
>discs with gold reflective layers, but prefer one gold & one silver
>one gold only.

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