I design studios for a living....  and I agree with this point. The 'black art' of my youth is now ....fairly predictable. The real difference between lousy and pretty decent is money and practical concederns. The difference between pretty decent and THAT is art, and convincing the people that matter. Tough call.,...

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steven c wrote:
> In fact, is acoustics an exact enough science that we know why one hall
> sounds better than another?
> Steven C. Barr

Acousticians think so. <G>

Seriously, the notorious failures have consistently derived from 
compromises forced by 'the real world' - usually money in one form or 
another. For example, Bort Beranek and Newman disowned Philharmonic Hall 
(now Avery Fisher Hall) before it opened.

My understanding is that they know why the great halls are great, but 
reproducing one is economically out of the question - too much money per 
seat. The solution today is to use electronics which can be tuned to 
simulate a fine hall; the results have been debatable even when a highly 
sophisticated setup has been set up by experts.

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