Thanks Steven - as if I didn't know! MY point was imagining an entire 
orchestra being mimed by all 104 or so actors, and how to get them to 
know when to play what note.. just a silly thought.

My partner's son is visiting, so I rented some Doors films for him - 
and it is so painfully obvious even in primitive "music videos" of the 
sixties then is it sync'd - the music mix is perfect, and he's using a 
mic with no windscreen, and the P's don't pop... et cetera. Sometimes 
there is not cable on the mic, and no it is not a radio mic!

BTW pardon my typo - meant Movies not Lovies!


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On Apr 14, 2006, at 12:51 PM, steven c wrote:

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>> Hmmm, interesting proposition - but do actors cost more or less than
>> musicians? It has always seemed to me that acting takes less talent 
>> and
>> skill than playing muscial instruments (especially in larger
>> professional organizations such as symphomies) and yet the good or
>> famous actors demand more pay.
>> Imagine the headaches getting actors to accurately pretend to play
>> their specific parts. Remember old lovies where they wiggle thier 
>> hands
>> over a piano when it is obvious they can't play!
> It's called "lip sync'ing" (since modern music centres on vocals)
> and is common practice these days when bands appear on film, tv, usw.,
> if only to make sure that their hit sounds EXACTLY like the recorded
> version, which is what the fans expect. As well, it was common practice
> as far back as the twenties...used to make the vocalists look useful
> when they weren't singing, they would be given instruments and told
> NEVER to try to play them...or instruments that, if played, wouldn't
> make any noise.
> However, Sousa would probably rise from his grave...
> ...stevenc