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> Second tier  choices,would be the famed Binaural Heifitz Bach,

Have you ever tried to listen to that thing? Ghastly! Done on film. Totally distorted, and since Heifetz was Heifetz, he plays each part as Heifetz. If it had been done in some kind of stereo, it might have been listenable.


> In all seriousness.if we are to have such a list,there needs to be some  more seriousness of thought to go into it.(I have not seen previous  lists,so for now,I will stick to the post 1950-stuff.) Motown should  definitely be included,but we ought to start with more historically  important records,like "Got a Job","Money",or "What's Goin' On".and  what about Stax/Volt,while we're at it? There is no question American  record labels revolutionized classical recordings,in the decade  following WWII.From the Lp,to stereo,and whatever else you want to  name.So the most obvious choices here,would be the 1954 "Living Stereo"  "Gaite' ",and "Zarathustra",and of course the MG50000 "Pictures",the  record that made a classical music lover out of me.Second tier  choices,would be the famed Binaural Heifitz Bach,and whatever recording  Coulmbia first made,exclusively for the new Lp format.(ML 4001 was  first issued on 78 was it not ?)Enough time has passed,that the  contributions
>  punk,and rap have made,and the impact they have had,need  to be recognized. Obvious choices,are "RAMONES",or "Blitzkrieg Bop"  (1976) ,and "Super Rappin' "(Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five  1979.)Just my first two cents here,Roger
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> > 2005 National Recording Registry (in chronological order)
> All these records, and STILL no "Since Willy Got a Whippet!"
> :-)
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