Hi Kurt,

Tht's a big nut to crack via remote. You're correct about running power and signal cables at right angles to each other. 

What changed from the method you used in the former setup? Does turning off the florescent lighting eliminate the hum? If it does, you may have to look for a more remote position for the turntable and preamp as most hum pickup will be through the signal paths requiring the most amplification-like tape heads and phonograph cartridges.
Sometimes  reversing the AC plugs in their sockets will sometimes eliminate hum. Experimentation is sometimes needed to determine the best orientation.

If you can stack the equipment, most components will have the AC cables at the opposite end of the chassis from the signal.

Keep all signal leads from turntables very short and isolated from ac cables. Make sure that the turntable tonearm ground is solidly attatched to the preamp chassis ground .

Best of Luck !

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We are doing some re-arranging of our studio here at the shop.  We're 
encountering hum from the audio cables being in proximity of power cables 
and possibly from florescent lighting (!)   Is there some way to shield 
audio cables from the influence of power sources?  I've read that one 
should always cross audio and power cables rather than having them run in 
parallel.  Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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